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trydeepwork helps you master deep work and overcome distractions so you can accomplish your most important goals faster

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Focus intensely with deep work sessions

Sessions, not Pomodoros.

The frequent breaks of the Pomodoro technique hinder your ability to maintain intense focus and enter a state of flow. In contrast, deep work sessions are designed specifically to help you stay focused and achieve a state of flow.

Start each session with a clear objective

Take breaks only when you need them

Keep your momentum with great music

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Focus longer with levels

Build your focus stamina

Hone your concentration skills on specific tasks starting with L0. As you progress to L3, the levels become longer, demanding your undivided attention and mental resilience. Like a gym for your mind.

L0 - 30 mins

L1 - 1 hr

L2 - 2 hrs

L3 - 4 hrs

Focus on what's important with power goals

Not all your goals are created equal

Focus on goals that have outsized impact and regularly keep in touch with them to avoid being consumed by daily tasks.

Break down your power goals into actionable steps

Avoid burnout by estimating the effort required

Schedule deep work hours for your tasks

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Reflect on your progress

Keep a compelling scoreboard

Track your growth, celebrate your accomplishments, and set yourself up for success with regular progress reflection.

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and there's more!

Make each day count with daily goals

Make each day count by setting deep work hours and working towards it with purpose and intention

Push your limits with weekly challenges

Unlock your full potential and achieve your goals with weekly challenges that test your limits and inspire growth.

Earn Badges

Earn badges as you reach important milestones in your deep work journey and celebrate your progress.