With so many productivity tools available, it's natural to wonder why you should use this one. What sets it apart from the rest?

This page explores the motivations and philosophy driving trydeepwork. It explains why it exists and how it aims to positively impact you.


trydeepwork started because I hit a problem. For people who write code or work with their minds, the usual time management tricks don't really cut it. The Pomodoro technique, with its short 25-minute work sessions, just interrupts us when we're getting into the good stuff. When we're in the zone, we don't want breaks—we want to keep going.

This all came to a head for me in the first half of 2022. My to-do list was packed with big tasks, and I had to find a way to focus on what mattered most. That's when I realized that the Pomodoro method was more of a hassle than a help. I needed long, uninterrupted time to tackle complex problems, not a timer that kept telling me to stop when I was just getting started.

I started looking for a better way and took a page out of Cal Newport's book on Deep Work. I was getting ready for a big job interview with a top tech company and needed something that would let me dive deep into studying programming problems. After trying different things, I found that sticking to two-hour study sessions without breaks worked way better for me than the choppy Pomodoro sprints.

That's how trydeepwork came to life.

Focus for serious people

trydeepwork is a tool for serious people. If you're a programmer battling the tangled mess of complex projects, a researcher meticulously unraveling intricate theories, a writer forging worlds from the raw material of thought, or any other practitioner who knows the power of deep focus - this is your space.

trydeepwork.com exists to help you manage the relentless tide of busywork and help you practice deep work. It gives you the tools necessary to focus on what matters most, so you can achieve your most ambitious goals.

Product Philosophy

trydeepwork.com is your Deep Work companion. Here's the philosophy that drives our product:

Intentional Design

Our design is simple yet powerful. Every aspect of the product is intentionally crafted to prioritize your focus. We've stripped away the unnecessary, leaving only what enhances your deep work sessions.

Opinionated Workflow

Our tools are designed to empower you without overwhelming you. From timing your tasks, managing your focus or taking up challenges, our features work seamlessly together to boost your productivity. We distill proven principles into streamlined features, freeing you from endless customization and tweaking.

Substance over Superficiality

We believe in substance over superficiality. Unlike other tools that chase fleeting trends, we're committed to long-term utility, evolving with you over time. This means we're helping you do your best work, day in and day out, for the next decade (and beyond).


This isn't about feel-good productivity hacks or trendy aesthetics. This isn't about quick fixes or flashy gimmicks. It's about getting real work done, achieving real focus, and seeing real results.

It's a tool for those of us who need to dig deep into their work without being pulled out by a timer. It's for when you've got something big to do, and you need a clear start and finish to get going. It’s when you have to juggle big items on your plate without getting overwhelmed, or burnt out.

trydeepwork is about finding your own best way to do your life’s work. It's not just about counting minutes; it's about making those minutes count without being interrupted. If you've ever been frustrated by productivity methods that don't fit how you think and create, then this might be for you, and we hope you'll find it useful.