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Published on Monday, January 1st, 2024

2023 - Year in Review

And what's next in 2024

Happy New Year!

In 2023, nearly 2,000 users completed more than 17,000 sessions, amassing a total of 17,100 deep work hours. This brings the average session duration to just over an hour. (Not counting guest sessions)

Looking back, 2023 was a year in which many foundational elements fell into place for Here are some highlights:

  • Sign-in with multiple providers (Google and Twitter)
  • Introduction of weekly challenges
  • Integration with Toggl Track and Beeminder
  • Discontinuation of the guest mode
  • Addition of Achievements and Badges
  • Implementation of Power Goals and Tasks
  • Various changes to session functionality
  • PWA support

Looking forward, we have many more features and improvements planned for 2024 to help you accomplish more in less time.

In our personal lives, now is also a great time to reflect on 2023, recognize what went well, what didn’t, and lay out some “Power Goals” to achieve in 2024.

Continuing the momentum of progress, I have set specific Power Goals for myself in the coming year:

  1. I'm aiming to better the platform's features and want to see our community grow to 10,000 users.

  2. I'm also planning to ramp up my competitive programming skills and break into the global top 3%.

If you're pumped about setting and smashing your personal goals with support from the community, I'm thinking of adding some social features to trydeepwork. It could make things more fun and motivating.

Together, let's make 2024 a year of remarkable achievements and stress-free productivity.